Would 80's Madonna wear my Jewellery?

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My True Blue collection is actually my third and favourite collection.

I would like to say I designed it with this Madonna song, and outfit, in mind but it was purely an accident. The most I had done in the way of designing was cutting the hearts and spending an afternoon sorting my fabrics in to colours to make it less overwhelming when I went to began creating.

I design and cut my cardboard shapes on a Cricut Maker and then begin assembling the different compononents. I like this part; I can just zone out listening to a podcast, some music or have a favourite show on the tv and just work away.


Assembling the True Blue jewellery by kelly reilly


The Lightbulb moment!

I finished the collection and was showing my lovely friend Fiona some photos. Fiona immediately said I have to call it True Blue, Fiona knows how much I love the 80's too, and it was a massive lightbulb moment. Thanks Fiona!

Why am I not using my favourite 80's movies and music to inspire my designs?

It was like the floodgates open and my next two collections just popped right in to my head and I cant wait to get going.

Madonna Fun Facts

Apost it note graphic with three written facts about the singer Madonna

A post it note graphic with facts about the True Blue album by recording artist Madonna


 I have had a lot of fun listening to this album again and I hope its brought back a few lovely memories for you all.

My memories are watching Madonna dancing around on Top of the Pops let me know what memories it unleashes for you over on my Instagram Dm's.

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