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I have just spent a couple of days up in Blairgowrie. My partner and I stayed in the quirkiest little wagon, on a farm, surrounded by fields of sheep and it was bliss!

I have always loved nature and used to spend time out walking and photographing the local greenery. To be honest I couldn't tell you what plant, flower or tree I was looking at but I just love the way they take their shapes and the colours they all display.

It was when I was photographing the surrounding scenery I realised why I fell in love with my new jewellery designs.

When I was researching ways to use up my fabric scraps, I came across various ways using quilting techniques that I thought I'd have a go at. The one I loved the most was where I slightly overlap the fabric pieces in layers and then use different patterned stitches over the top to secure them.

It felt very freeing to just put the fabric down and then see what the end result would be when I cut out the shapes I needed for the jewellery pieces. It also meant that no two pieces were ever the same. One of my design features throughout the whole of my range is that no two pieces are ever exactly the same.

I often worry that my design process is not like other designers, I can't sit and draw out shapes, designs or patterns, it doesn't come naturally to me but with hindsight I now realise that I fell in love with these patterns because of my love of nature and how oddly beautiful it can be. 

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