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I was looking at some old images of jewellery from the 80's to get some design inspiration for a green textile I had created from scraps. I really like this shape as it was almost an abstract leaf design and I thought it would work well.

I then wracked my wee brain for a song I could link it to.

A Forest

The Cure released it as a single from the band's second album Seventeen Seconds on 28 March 1980. It made it to no 31.

The lead singer Robert Smith has changed what the lyrics for "A Forest." mean. He once said the lyrics were based on a dream he had as a child where he was lost in the woods unable to escape, but later denied it and stated, "It's just about a forest. *source Wikipedia

The haunting music mixed with the eerie lyrics creates an atmospheric song which reminds me of the 80's slasher films I was too scared to watch. I think this song would be fantastic in a supernatural tv show.





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