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I am a textile and fibre artist who creates handmade jewellery and home decor using a variety of new and upcycled fabrics.

I create new textiles from fabrics scraps and use them to create bold and quirky jewellery pieces, highly influenced by my love of the 80's.l

I live with my partner, two boys, 2 cats and my dog in sunny Fife, Scotland.

I don't want to tell my whole business story on the first date, so I will be breaking it down over a series of blogs.

I Started sewing a few years ago now on a trusty second hand Pfaff 91 that my other half picked up for me at auction. I was watching you-tube videos and then found a wonder teacher on facebook named Deborah, she nurtured my love of "design features" That's when I don't listen/read instructions correctly and it goes a bit off course but always gets there in the end.

I would say that's my theme now, fire in and see how it turns out. (a bit like this website!) My creative journey then progressed further when joined the amazing online craft community, a band of merry small businesses and subscribed to a monthly subscription box which enabled me to try all sorts of new crafts.


I had never considered making jewellery until a box arrived from the club and I suddenly had all these parts sitting.That, combined with you-tubing how to assemble mini embroidery hoops, sparked the creation of my fabric hoop jewellery.

I wanted to take it to the next level by having more say in the design process, so with my Cricut Maker I began cutting shapes out of cardboard and experimenting with ways to make a sturdy yet lightweight finished product.

This now gives me the freedom to design with the fabric in mind and not just the pre-cut shapes I was buying in.

I am really excited to be launching, as well as this website, my newest collection of jewellery!

The Imperfection collection was designed using fabric scraps to create a new piece of fabric, this means that each piece in the collection is totally different, what's more me than that... fire in and see how it turns out.



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