Craft with Kelly!


Happy Saturday and welcome to May's craft with Kelly.

This month I tried out a gorgeous little air dry clay kit from London Wildflower. I received the kit as part of my monthly subscription to Cosy Craft Club. (I am not affiliated with either company)

It was hard to decide what to make with this kit as the possibilities are endless. I decided to be sensible and stick to basic shapes so I went for sun, star and moons. 

This kit was very easy to use, it came with detailed instructions on how to make a pot, a leaf necklace as well as a few other fun things. It also came with all the tools needed to start out in the craft.

As usual, I glanced over the fab instructions then fired right in!

Head over to my social media to watch the fun, and keep an eye out for part 2.

Textile Jewellery and gifts on Instagram: “Watch me try out a different craft kit each month. May's craft box was from London Wildflower, through the Cosy Craft Club. Two amazing…”



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