Product photography and my family of dafties.

I asked my gorgeous sister, two beautiful cousins and my cousin's pretty little girl if they would model some of my jewellery last week.

As always, when we get together, it got a little silly!

I don't know why it has taken me so long to sort out my listings. I was so excited about designing my website that I forgot one of the first rules in product photography; take a variety of shots and have the products in use. I was doing my products no favours by having them sitting on an old kitchen tile or little piece of wood so I decided to sort it out. 

Normally when I am taking photos of my ladies, it's because I have done their hair and make up for a function (I dabbled with make up for a long time before I started sewing) but as with the rest of the country, none of them have attended anything in quite some time.

I love how they just rocked up in their own styles, being true to their personalities, highlighting perfectly, how versatile my Jewellery pieces are.

The other thing I love about this amazing bunch of females is how daft they are, and how they are not afraid to just have a laugh. They say I'm the crazy one of the family but I wouldn't say that title is safe. 

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