Craft with Kelly- Air dry clay part 2

Well I finally got the clay shapes painted from part 1 and I went live!!!

Once they were dry I popped a coat of white acrylic on them, I lost a couple in that process due to the fact I made the shaped far too thin, always follow the instructions Kelly!

I discovered that the metallic acrylic that I wanted to use took better to the clay without the white undercoat so a few layers of silver were needed to build up to the colour I wanted.

Then it was just time to splodge some paint on! I went for an 80's inspired abstract design and actually loved how the blue, red, yellow and black went together.

Once I pick up some black twine I will be hanging them in my bedroom.

I had lots of fun doing this one, I highly recommend you give the London Wildflower kits a go. 

check out the video here:

Textile Jewellery and gifts on Instagram: “Listen to me blether nonsense and slurp tea whilst I show you how I painted the clay shapes I made last time.”

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