How the upcycled Imperfection jewellery range came to be.

What do you do with those fabric scraps anyway?

I was finding I had a lot of fabric scraps left over from my larger projects and I didn't want to just chuck them in the landfill bin so I headed to You tube and Pinterest, Tik tok and good old insta for inspiration.

I discovered a lot of people making pretty little quilted things like wash bags and bookmarks but my scraps were so small I didn't think that would work for me.

I then came across some folk who were creating brand new pieces of textile with their teeny tiny pieces and I was loving it. I tried out a couple of the different techniques, found one I liked then I got started on making the first few colour ways.

I couldn't believe how cool the textiles were turning out. I loved how free flowing and unexpected the designs could be, and how quirky they were.

A graphic with the words scrappy fabric and an image of two textiles, one orange and white and one green and purple.

I was very excited to get this textile in to Jewellery collections so i played it safe with a half circle design. I create my shapes using cardstock or chipboard and my Cricut machine. This gives me so much more freedom when it comes to my designs. 

Each collection of my Jewellery Collections consist of Stud earrings, Dangle Earrings, Necklaces, Brooches....

A photo of four pairs of multi coloured stud earringsA pair of semi circle dangle earrings in green and blue fabric.A semi circle fabric necklace in green and purple, worn very close to the shirt collar

and my favourites; Collar Pins.

A denim shirt embellished with a semi circle collar pin in orange and pink.

What I love most about creating my own textiles is knowing that they are completely unique and that when you zoom in on the different areas for each piece of jewellery you really do get a little piece of abstract art.

Creating my own fabric designs in this way opens up a whole world of unique one off pieces of jewellery that I hope you will love as much as I do.

Love Kelly.


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